States of Matter Cover Sheet

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1.    be able to compare and contrast the four phases of matter,

2.    be able to compare and contrast evaporation and condensation,

3.    be able to compare and contrast heat of fusion and heat of vaporization,

4.    be able to explain the kinetic theory of matter,

5.    be able to explain thermal expansion,

6.    be able to explain pressure,

7.    be able to explain Boyle's and Charles Laws,

8,    be able to desccribe the Bernoulli Effect, Archimedes's Principal and Pascal's Principal.


  Maximum Score Check if attached Score
States of Matter Vocabulary 10    
States of Matter Review Questions 20    
Matter and Temperature Study Guide/Reinforcement 15    
Bimetallic Strip Enrichment/Evaporation Mini-Lab 15    
Uses of Fluids Study Guide/Reinforcement 20    
Behavior of Gasses Study Guide/Reinforcement 20    
Pressure and Temperature Lab 20    
Changes in State Reinforcement 10    
Physics Demonstrations Journal Entries 30    
Phases of Matter Quiz 20    
Notebook/Participation 20    
Total Score

Late Deduction


 Phases of Matter Journal Entries

(30 Points)

Watch the following demonstrations.  Each entry is worth up to 5 points.

   a.    Demo #1, Seat of nails.  Explain why you can sit on the seat of nails, in terms of pressure.

   b.    Demo #2, Can Crush.  Write a paragraph which explains how the can crushes and why.

    c.    Demo #3, Dry Ice.  Describe 3 things we did with dry ice.

    d.    Demo #4, Julius Sumner Miller, Adventures with Bernoulli.  Describe the demonstrations in the video.

    e.    Demo #5, Julius Sumner Miller, Pascal's Principal.  Describe the demonstrations in the video.

    f.     Demo #6, Julius Sumner Miller, Archimedes Principal.  Describe the demonstrations.